Private Personal Security

Private Personal Security

Private personal security and close protection services for individuals.

Private Personal Security

Cotswold Private Investigations can also offer private personal security or close protection services to individuals who, for whatever reason, feel their safety may be in danger. Because our team members are all very experienced ex-military we have to qualifications and experience to tailor the close protection you need. From a one man/woman bodyguard whilst visiting London or shopping trip abroad to a full asset protection team on an extended overseas trip. Whatever your need we have the dynamic personnel to ensure your safety.

We provide you with the peace of mind you deserve

Travelling abroad through business or pleasure and need an asset or personnel protection as a requirement for insurance or just want to make sure your family is safe whilst shopping in London/abroad. Let our team of discrete, dynamic and experienced operatives provide the peace of mind you deserve. Experience gained from multiple deployments both at home and abroad I think our team has pretty much seen and done it all. Full resumes available upon request prior to task approval.

What do you need from me to get started?

Before we can deliver our tasking proposal we will need full details of your requirements including but not restricted to travel itinerary of all parties, situational information to gauge threat assessment level and any other information our lead operator deems necessary.

How long do people require personal private security for?

It’s difficult to put a timeframe on how long this risk assessment stage may take as that is driven by the threat and the level of cooperation. Our Lead operator will be driving the process forward and will at all times consult with you (the client).

How would personal private security benefit me?

We deliver the peace of mind you want for you and your family’s safety. For commercial work, it’s the precautions needed to keep any asset protection insurance to within minimal levels ensuring a fair return on your investment and of course the safety of your personnel whilst out in the field.

H... W... (Head of security - London talent agency)

Sam and the boys did a superb job, we hardly even knew you were there and we are pleased to report back our client was delighted, was still able to meet fans and never felt threatened or at risk. When they return as part of their international tour in spring 2018 they have again requested your team be included. Many thanks.

Let us help you today

Are you ready to receive the peace of mind you want for you and your family’s safety? If so, contact us today and arrange a meeting at our office in Malmesbury or at a time and place convenient to you and where you are comfortable.

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