Vehicle Tracking

Vehicle Tracking

The most cost-effective way of monitoring a subject's movements twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.

Vehicle Tracking

Typically recommended as a hand in glove strategy alongside the tasking of an operative. Or as a reliable alternative to person-to-person surveillance. There is a range of excellent covert vehicle GPS trackers on the market to purchase, however, we hold the right tool for your job at a cost-saving per day rental with the technology to accurately interpret the results and deliver to you a full movement history.

We will give you the factual evidence you need

Surveillance plays a huge part in all of our operations. The reason for this is because manned surveillance will give you the factual evidence you need to get the results you require, thus allowing you to confront the subject of the investigation with the truth or even use your new-found factual evidence in a court of law to win your case. 

What do you need from me to get started?

The private vehicle tracking devices themselves are incredibly small and discreet meaning they can be concealed in small spaces. Our operatives will fit and remove the device(s) in seconds, there will be no modification required, no damage to the vehicle and the device will continue to transmit for up to 7-10 days making them suitable for long-distance journeys. We will work with you to arrange to have the device fitted at a time and location that suits you, all our agents have experience fitting and removing vehicle tracking systems from a multitude of makes and models of vehicles so we will always know the best location to prevent the device being discovered. Our GPS private vehicle tracking is highly recommended with all surveillance packages we supply. You will also benefit from huge reductions in manual surveillance costs with the use of our tracking systems.

How long do private vehicle trackers take before showing accurate readings?

We have trackers available to both purchase and hire that can provide extremely accurate readings and locations from 7 days, 6 weeks or even 6 months without the need to recharge or replace. You can either fit the tracker yourself or we can provide this service. As they are all magnetic and supplied in discreet waterproof containers they can be fitted in a matter of seconds.

What do I receive at the end of the tracking period?

Cotswold Private Investigation's private vehicle tracking package provides the best and most cost-effective way of monitoring a subject's whereabouts and movements twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. Our private vehicle trackers allow us to discreetly monitor the location of a vehicle - we provide a full movement history report at a schedule to suit you.

How much does private vehicle tracking cost?

Tracker Installation and Removal Fee (each installation is typically carried out overnight usually around 3 - 5:00 AM).

£149.00 (£74.50 x 2) and thereafter £35.00 per day with a minimum of 4 days.

Amanda from Cheltenham

...After taking the plunge and contacting Cotswold Private Investigations I knew I was in good hands from the start. After months of denial from my partner (of 20 years), I was beginning to doubt my sanity. I knew something was happening and Cotswold Private Investigations helped me find the truth. They also supported me when the time was right to confront my husband and helped me prepare for that moment so the power was in my hands and I was in control. I am happy to recommend their services and if like me you think you’re losing your marbles I would encourage you to give them a call.

Let us help you today

Are you ready to get the factual evidence you need to get the results you require? If so, contact us today and arrange to have the device fitted at a time and location that suits you.

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