Digital Forensic Investigator

Digital Forensic Investigator

If it’s out there and online our team at Cotswold Private Investigations will find it.

Digital Forensic Investigator

OSINT or Open Sourced Intelligence is a term widely used to refer to any information or data which may be freely gathered from 'open' or public sources more typically online via the internet. The term was first coined by the US military who used OSINT to gain a strategic advantage. The term SOCMINT whilst broadly the same specifically refers to Social Media Intelligence gathering.

Whilst the information we use to compile your report is gathered freely and from publicly available sources there is a highly specialised skill needed to harvest it. Being able to find the digital needle in the information haystack takes effective use of online tools, procedures and techniques that whilst many promise few can actually deliver. Our OSINT and SOCMINT analysts whilst contracted to us also carry out extensive freelance work for UK Law Enforcement agencies/constabularies as well as HM Government departments. 

Why do people hire digital forensic investigators?

One of the main advantages of using OSINT and SOCMINT over conventional agent investigations are related to the low cost of the operation, the large range of available information, and the speed with which they can be accessed and collected. With benefits for both commercial clients (who want to either protect against digital attack or obtain information that may help in forming their strategy going forward) as well as private individuals that need to find out the truth about someone or a situation they find themselves in let us help. If it’s out there and online our team at Cotswold Private Investigations will find it.

What do you need from me to get started on a digital forensic investigation?

We know every case is different but to give a rough idea on the type of information we need to get started and helpful to the digital forensic investigation would be (for example): usernames they might use, any professional associations your target may be a member of. What social media do they follow or are members of? Where do they work, where do they live? Do they have a mobile phone? But don't worry if you’re not sure what if any information we need as we can help with that as well.

How long does a digital forensic investigation take?

Once we’re good to go and more importantly you’re happy for us to proceed we should be able to get a provisional report to you within 7-10 working days and soon after that (if required) our court ready full forensic online report. We will of course be on hand to help guide you through what options you may wish to consider in choosing how to use this information when deciding on how to move forward.

What do I receive at the end of the digital forensic investigation?

As stated above, at the end of the digital forensic investigation you will receive a provisional report within 7-10 working days of the start of the investigation and soon after that (if required) our court ready full forensic online report. 

How much does a digital forensic investigation cost?

Typically a full OSINT or SOCMINT forensic report will start at around £750.

A.H. from Chipping Norton

We were in the midst of a family crisis and needed help. After years of ruinous misinformation, we needed the truth. We turned to Cotswold private Investigations and Capt. Mike for help. They were amazing! Within days we had a completed online and digital forensic report produced which when presented to (name/relationship withheld) had to finally admit the truth. But it wasn’t over then as they tried to make life as difficult as possible but with Capt. Mike’s ongoing advice and support we got through it with relatively little fuss and a lot easier than it could have been. Thank you very much, Mike and the team. I can thoroughly recommend Cotswold Private Investigations and the professional and caring services they deliver.

Digital Forensic Investigator Blog

We use OSINT or Open Sourced Intelligence and SOCMINT for many of our private and commercial investigations. Read our digital forensic investigator blog to find out how we use OSINT and SOCMINT to provide our clients with solid irrefutable proof.

Is my son being manipulated by his girlfriend?

Is my son being manipulated by his girlfriend?

We were instructed by a client who was worried that their son was being controlled and manipulated by his current girlfriend. 

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